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Softball is a sport practiced mostly by women. This is a more simplified version of baseball. However, softball soon became popular, and since not everyone had access to blocks, they began to practice it outdoors, initially in the parks. It was not long before the first softball tournaments were organized off the court. The use of the Illinois Fastpitch Softball happens to be perfect here.

US athletes have won the last six World Championships in the sport, which takes place every 4 years.It is a sport similar to baseball, having specific rules. The difference is in how to throw the ball through the pitcher. In baseball the ball is thrown with the movement of the arm from top to bottom, already in softball from bottom to top. Other differences are in the ball, which has a larger diameter and smaller specific weight, in the dimensions of the playing field which are smaller and their duration.

It can be played in three ways:

Slow release: The pitch must be slow in such a way that it forms a minimum bow of 1.5 m. It has specific official rules. He is also known as “Pinha” in Spanish-speaking American countries.

Understanding the game

As in baseball, the game develops alternating attack and defense. Each attack / defense set is called an “inning”. This alternation is made when the defense team manages to eliminate 3 attackers, thereby gaining the right to enter to rebound.

The team that is defending aims to eliminate 3 attackers, trying in any way to make difficult the marking of careers (points) and to acquire the right of his turn of attack.

The duration of the game is determined by the amount of innings pre-established

There are two categories of balls: rubber and leather. In Japan three different sizes of rubber balls are produced, numbered 1 to 3. The number 3 corresponds to the official sizes adopted in international competitions. In official international competitions only leather balls are adopted.

Softball is a sport that by official rule cannot end tied, should always consecrate a winner

For the tiebreaker there are 3 ways: extension, penalty or extension + penalty. By the official ISF rule, in case of a tie within the statutory period, the game is extended until a winner is awarded to the 10th inning, if it persists, the penalty applies.

The penalty applies as follows: the last hitter on the turn wins the 2nd base, “no out” (no elimination) and thus continues the match until a winner is awarded.

Coming into play

To start a match, the attack / defense round of the participating teams is drawn. Usually the preference is to start defending because it will end up attacking, thus making it possible to “turn around” the game and consecrate the winner.