postheadericon KANE NEEDS TO SIT UP

Tottenham Hotspur were in a disarray in the last few games before Mauricio Pochettino had to go. There were even rumours that Harry Kane hinted the club management that he could exit the club next year. With the Jose Mourinho signature, the Three Lions skipper is expected to remain at the club for much longer.

The loss to Manchester United did weight heavily on Spurs as it cut short their resurgence under the new manager. In the first 30 minutes of the fixture, it seem like they were overwhelmed and shocked to see United perform that way. They could not dig deep to respond, as expected. However, Kane was particularly poor upfront.

It was surprising that Jose Mourinho did not pull him off. Well, Spurs did better after the break before the mistake by Moussa Sissoko. Even when Christian Eriksen came on to supply firepower and get the ball in dangerous position, little changed. Yes he was not serviced but he could have dropped in to create some problems. Even his passing, hold-up play and marking defenders was missing.

This is a guy the recently retired David Villa named the best striker in football. That tag should probably go to Robert Lewandowski. Kane has impressed for so long, and now he has a reputation to protect. He needs to sit up and find some motivation to finish the season well. He has seven goals in 14 games so far but the Tottenham effect has dampened his stats and enigma. Spurs need him, England need him, Kane needs himself to find his game again.

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