One of the many reasons why GTA V has been so popular almost for 8 years now is modding gta. The appeal is pretty self-explanatory, when you complete the single player and all the things that the developer had put in the game, the fact that you can pretty much change every aspect of the game while keeping the essence is a pretty good factor. You can literally make the game the way you like it but without all the coding and the money required to make the game. a lot of times even the video game companies don’t mind people modding as it keeps the game popular and relevant for a longer time and keeps people engaged. It also gives the developers and the company a chance to see the different ways the same game can be re-imagined by the players and all the crazy things they can do and think of.

Almost all the games are made by companies, so in a way they are choosing the experiences for the players. Players basically play the imagination of a few coders, but the truth is that a lot people have different ideas about how a same game should or should not have, game modding helps them have chance of showcasing that creativity or talent. Sometimes it’s not even about what should have been in the game, sometimes it’s just about what is possible and the question of why not? Why not let a game have flying cars and explosive bullets. Some games like gta come with cheat codes which have been deliberately put there by the developers which in one way is basically encouraging moddinggta 5 for example. When you look at some of these mods it’s like the whole game has changed.