There is a definite head of the public relations division of the national police (kepala divisi humas polri) part for every single government servant. The Policemen have their role to play within this area and so are abided to function the state and its own people. Clean humas polri is extremely crucial for executing most of the activities that require people’s care and participation of police. But not too long ago we’ve seen that the connections between police and the people have come into the verge of destruction. This is because of the absence of understandings in between the overall people and policemen. Outstanding from any form of difficulty the need for the hour or so is to contribute in a satisfactory relationship involving both. The upkeep and development are taken care of by kadiv humas polri.

What is the meaning of a police-public relationship?
The new concept of police-public relations has captured the Attention of the crowd. Via this type of person allowed to interact together with police and also these government officers can determine the way the overall public views the federal government process. Law enforcement are part of the community itself and creating friendly relations with all the audience should really be the major attention therefore that people of this state believe protected and certainly will come up with their problems without any hesitation.

How can authorities enhance their connections with your area?
These measures should be taken care of every policeman to get Establishing strong relations with all the public

• Stay and operate at an Identical location
• Socialize with folks
• Volunteer the neighborhood

So, finally, we could say that kadiv humas polri is Responsible for taking care of humas polri and create friendly relations between the two. Nevertheless, the latest problem of”black resides matter” has brought up the acute end to humas polri.